Our Vision

Our Vision

The Problem: Genesis 1-2 tells the story of how God created a wonderful world full of good things. He created humans to care for this good world. Humanity was designed to connect with God, others, the self, and nature. However, humanity pulled the plug on this connection through the sin of disobedience to God. As a result, people experience the pain of brokenness:

  1. In their relationship with God
  2. In their relationship to Others
  3. In their relationship to the Self
  4. In their relationship to Nature

The Remedy: Jesus

We believe that God sent Jesus into the world to reconcile and to put things back together again. Only Jesus can do this.

Our Vision: Remedy Church exists to connect broken people with Jesus.

Our desire is to address the brokenness that all people experience as a result from sin by connecting both non-Christians and Christians to Jesus. As people connect with Jesus the four broken relationships will eventually be mended.

Our Values: As a church, we value:

  1. Biblical Teaching-We teach the Bible
  2. Practical Solutions-We teach practical biblical solutions
  3. Intentional Relationships
  4. Missional Outlook

Our Promise: We promised to address the problem of sin and brokenness with grace and truth. We will not judge people’s sin but we will not ignore it.

The Outcome: We believe that our Vision, Values, and Promise will grow and produce spiritually mature people who will serve others lovingly, seek to protect the unity of the body, grow in grace and knowledge, and connect others with Jesus.